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Hodinky Seiko

Seiko watches

Seiko has been produced by Seiko Hattori, Japan for more than 150 years. In our honest opinion, it is the Toyota/Lexus of wristwatches with a reputation of quality, style, ruggedness and durability that has build a faithful following of users for more than 150 years. You will find a wide range of trustworthy 200metre diving watches, the legendary Samurai and Padi series.
We offer quartz, fully mechanical, solar powered and kinetic powered watches in our wide selection.

Hodinky Citizen

Citizen watches

Citizen has been manufacturing wristwatches sin 1919 and had just celebrated their 100th Anniversary. Especially renowned are their Eco Drive series that are 100% powered by natural and artificial light. An exposure of just 8 hours would sufficiently power the watch for 6 months. Battery replacements are not required. They are also pioneers of Radio frequency controlled watches that align their time settings to Atomic clocks scattered worldwide. Some of the functions also offer Global Positioning co-ordinates as well as automatic time settings to different time zones in the world.

Hodinky Casio

Casio watches

Casio is the uncrowned king among multifunctional watches. You can reach out for truly inexpensive pieces or you can also choose fancy Pro Trek models. Such watches, in addition to the exact time, will show the current temperature and altitude. Furthermore, a digital compass ensures you won’t get lost when wandering mountains. Lovers of durable watches have a wide range in the G-Shock collection. They can withstand not only drops, thermal shocks, but also water pressure to a far greater extent than conventional watches. Bestsellers include assortment of Rangeman, Gulfmaster and Mudmaster watches.

Hodinky Tissot

Tissot watches

Even traditional brands from Switzerland are not left behind. After all, the watchmaker's craft is an inherent part of the country of Helvetian Cross. The Tissot assortment includes both elegant and sports watches, with either battery or mechanical power. Fans of diving models will be delighted with the Seastar collection, Visodate is synonymous with world-class social watches, and the T-Touch collection offers time measuring devices packed with features to the brim. This one also received a solar drive in the last iteration.

Hodinky Hamilton

Hamilton watches

A little higher among watch brands is Hamilton, a Swiss brand with American roots. Like Tissot, it is now part of the Swatch Group conglomerate. The collection of air watches Khaki Field and Aviation certainly deserves attention too, and lovers of elegant design will undoubtedly be delighted with the range of Jazzmaster and American Classic watches. Finally, Khaki Navy, in Hamilton, refers to a time measuring device that, due to its high degree of watertightness, is destined to discover the beauty of the underwater world.

Hodinky Victorinox

Victorinox watches

Victorinox also secured a firm position among the Swiss brands. Initially, it broke through as a producer of first-class knives for the Swiss army, but for decades it has also produced high-end watches. Airboss, Alpnach and Fieldforce designate military and aviation designs, and the Maverick collection is a successful mixture of sport and elegance. The Victorinox series of social watches are then called Alliance. And due to their popularity, nowadays already iconic series of incredibly durable I.N.O.X watches probably do not need to be introduced at all.

Hodinky Orient

Orient watches

The Orient watch brand, part of the Seiko Group, also has a wide presence in our market. Affordable mechanical watches of an elegant and diving design have the primacy here. Collections such as Bambino, Esteem or Mako are already well known among connoisseurs. M-Force is a luxury diving watch with a massive case and strong sapphire glass. The Orient Star range is a label for only the best that Orient can produce.

Zapalovače Zippo

Zippo lighters

The range of quality watches in our store is also complemented by a huge number of lighters of the cultish American brand Zippo. It is an unbeatable leader in its field, and you will find the widest spectrum of its production at our place. Whether you are looking for a lighter with the motif of your favourite music band, artist, car manufacturer or specific zodiac signs, you will undoubtedly find the right one here.

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